Why Did This SAS Cable Fail?

Crooked SAS Cable Photo 2 (Why Does This SAS Cable Fail?)

Photo 1: Returned SAS Cables

Recently we had a customer request to return a large quantity of SAS cables they had purchased from Pactech. They reported these cables were defective. Pause for a second and observe the photo above and two photos below of the returned cables. What can you conclude?

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Design Your Own SATA Custom Cables with Pactech’s Configurator

SATA Custom Cable Configurator

When you try to design a perfect server or computer system, you may not have thought about choosing a perfect drive cable. A perfect drive cable can make a big difference in airflow and thermal performance for your server (especially for those 1U “pizza boxes”), and it translates to saving your electricity bill and extending the lifetime of cooling fans, drives, and other components in it.

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