Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Responsibility Statement.


Every manager is a direct resource for other employees. We are proud of our open, caring and informal workplace where two-way communication is highly encouraged. It allows our team to be vigilant, and to feel safe reporting any potentially illegal or unethical conduct or situation. All employees are expected to conduct themselves ethically.

Workplace Interactions

We are committed to a workplace that supports the well-being and productivity of everyone at Pactech. It is free from demeaning, offensive, intimidating, harassing, or abusive behavior. Unwelcome conduct, including improper advances, requests for sexual favors or any other conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment are not tolerated. 

We respect the confidentiality and privacy of each employee’s personal, financial, and medical records, and retain only the employee information that is required for Pactech’s operations or by law. All information is treated as confidential and is not to be copied, disclosed, or released unless we receive prior written consent of the employee. We never disclose confidential information to anyone without a legitimate business or legal need and authorization.

Customer and Supplier Interactions

We respect the private information of customers and suppliers, and know our customers and suppliers rely on us to protect it. Customer and supplier records are highly confidential and are used only for legitimate business purposes.

We compete on an equal and level playing field with free and open competition, emphasizing the merits of the services and products we sell. We actively compete and do not engage in anti-competitive practices. Such practices are prohibited by competition or antitrust laws in the U.S. and throughout the world. Violations of those laws can result in penalties for businesses and individuals.


Pactech conducts business internationally, and that requires us to interact with different governments and their agencies. We comply with the laws of the countries in which we do business, ensuring ethical, and legal transactions.

Our business philosophy is “people first”.
Our corporate social responsibility is no different.

We value people, and we reflect this belief in the way that we do our business. Outside of it, we aim to equip the global community with the tools they need to be successful in the ever-changing world we live in. Here's how we're making an impact.


Shoes For Life - Uganda

The Issue

Near the border of Kenya and Uganda, 95% of children suffer from Tungiasis (Sand Flea Disease) as a result of not wearing shoes. They walk 60-90 minutes to school barefoot each day because they value the importance of education, as it leads to the potential of a better life in the future. We believe that providing them with shoes is a practical way of combating infections and improving their lives so that they are able to safely commute to and from school.

What is shoes for life?

We recently partnered with Step30xSF to assist them in their goal of ensuring children around the world have a chance to thrive. Their Shoes for Life campaign began with three volunteers in 2018 as a collection drive, and has since grown to over 25 volunteers and over 37,000 donated shoes, expanding to include adult shoes so that entire families are able to benefit from the generosity of others.

Our Impact

We at Pactech share the values and visions with Step30xSF, and our team has been encouraged to walk the extra mile to support the school children walking many miles without shoes, donating our lightly used or even new shoes to the drive.

We are thankful to have the opportunity to share, support, and serve those living halfway across the world through selfless giving and moral support, and we hope those who receive the shoes would succeed in their education.


Miri, Malaysia

Pacts Schools, Malaysia

PACTS Schools is a network of educational institutions within Malaysia that adopts a learner-driven approach to education where students are taught to be self-learners and be wholly reliant on their own individual study skills in the classroom.

PACTS is an acronym that stands for:

P - Partnership with Parents

A - Academic Excellence

C - Character First

T - Technology Driven

S - Service to the Community

The schools believe in a character-based education, that all students also have the ability to learn and must be given the opporunity to learn.

Miri, Malaysia Service Trip

For a week in July, we sent a small team of our colleagues and partners on a service trip to assist in leading a summer camp at the PACTS Education Clubhouse located in Miri, Malaysia. There, the team led three different types of camps: technology, sports, and arts.

Technology In recent years, the tech industry has been expanding at an exponential rate in Malaysia, with companies such as Facebook, Google, and Intel opening offices and creating job opportunities for the local community.  To prepare the next generation, three of our partners who work within our own Silicon Valley tech industry taught the children the basics of coding, components of a personal computer, and the world of virtual reality.

Sports - Excercising is a healthy way of relieving stress, improving sleep, and maintaining brain health.  For the duration of the camp, the children participated in a multitude of different sports, including soccer (football) and ultimate frisbee. There, they learned different strategies of how to work as a team and effectively communicate with one another to achieve a common goal.

Arts - Everyone has the ability to be creative, and we wanted to embrace it. In addition to creating their own encouragement note envelopes and thumbprint bookmarks to express their individuality, the children also put together over a hundred beaded bracelets to ditribute to those in the slum areas in Miri. Not only did the children learn a new crafting skill, but they also learned how to serve and care for the surrounding communities in the place they call "home". 

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When we connect with one another, the possibilities of what we can accomplish are endless. Together, we are able to help solve problems around the world that benefit people on local and global scales. If you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, feel free to contact us below.