Welcome to the New Pactech

Data Center and Custom Cable Solutions

For the past few years, we have seen a growing number of our customers buying our products for large data center deployments. This trend well aligns with the prediction by Gartner, a well respected market research company for the IT industry, that worldwide IT spendings on data center will reach $144 billion worldwide in year 2015. As a result, we decided to launch a few key strategic initiatives to serve data center customers while strengthening our existing custom cable services.

In phase 1 of our plan today, Pactech is proud to announce the introduction of our new logo, the launch of our new website, and the opening of our new headquarters, to reflect our new initiatives.

New Logo

You will notice a new logo on our website, office, and marketing materials. Our new logo includes the same PT as our logo, speaking to the roots of our company. The design of the PT and font are modern, speaking to the continual advancement of our business to innovate new products with the latest technology. The turquoise used in the logo gives a mature yet progressive feeling, a nod to the growth and development of our business over the past 20 years. The tagline “Data Center and Custom Cable Solutions” summarizes our new offerings for data center customers while continuing our commitment to loyal custom cable customers.

New Website

We launched our new website this week as well! On our website you’ll notice:
– A new and improved eStore
– Detailed product descriptions for our products
– High quality product photos
– Detailed descriptions about our data center cable solutions, custom cable solutions, design process, and manufacturing
– A special page featuring Pactech’s own line of Specialty Cables. We designed the products designed with unique features to differentiate from stock products performance and ease of deployment.

New Headquarters

Finally, in May, we relocated our headquarters to a larger facility in San Jose to accommodate the growth of our business in May. Our new headquarters features:
– More office space for our growing staff team
– Dedicated conference room for customer briefings and product demos
– Larger work space to handle larger in-house manufacturing projects
– Larger warehouse to store our inventory

More is Coming

This is just the beginning of our new journey. In the coming months, we plan to introduce additional unique data center products and custom cable service offerings. At Pactech, we continue to strive to be your most trusted turnkey cable partner for data centers, IT hardware, and embedded systems.

We are very excited about this significant milestone in Pactech’s history. We truly thank you for your continual support over these years, and we sincerely invite you to celebrate together!!