Thanksgiving Over Happy Hour

On November 14th, we held our Fall 2019 Happy Hour event at Scott’s Seafood in downtown San Jose. In the past 25 years that Pactech has been in business, we have seen a shift in cabling connectivity from the era of PCs to Cloud Storage, Data Centers, and Mobile Applications, and have also ventured into the automotive, robotics, and AI industries. Beyond a successful one-stop shop over a supply chain with global logistic support, we have transformed into a solutions provider capable of customization, innovation, and automation.

Our event kicked off with a brief overview of Pactech’s roots and services.  The reception provided a warm environment for guests and the Pactech team to mix and mingle while enjoying refreshments. There was engaging dialogue at our Product Corner, which was filled with select product samples and its corresponding 3D image on a computer monitor. Many of our guests learned how to use our proprietary configurator tool to customize cables to their needs.

The engineering team then briefed the audience on the “NEXT GEN HI-SPEED Interconnectivity & A/V Optical Cables”. Lastly, we talked about how Pactech has been making an impact on the global community through our corporate social responsibility.

We also showcased selected products on the stage for our guests, including:
  • DAC (Direct Attach Copper) Loopback
    • System Debugging Monitoring
    • 100+/-7 ohm Impedance
    • 50mm Plating Thickness
    • Extended Plug Lifespan
  • DAC 400G QSFP-QDD Cable
    • IEEE 802.3cd Standard
    • InfiniBand EDR/HDR
    • OIF CEI Technology
  • DAC 100G DSFP Cable
    • Best Signal Integrity & Consistency
    • 200 UPH Automated Production
    • IEEE 802.3cd + DSFP MSA
  • DAC Foldable Flat Cable
    • Improved Bend Radius
    • OIF CEI Technology
    • InfiniBand EDR/HDR
    • 100G/400G Capability
  • HDMI 2.1 8K AOC 
    • Flexible Cu-Optical Fiber
    • HDMI 2.1 Compliance
    • Ultra-HD 8K/4K Quality
    • EMI/RFI Resistant
  • FlexRibbon Bundle
    • Lower Design Costs
    • Lower Installation Costs
    • Simple and Fast Deployment
    • DIY, Environmentally Friendly

We are thankful for the networking opportunities with our guests; it was heartening to receive warm responses about our products and services. While it was a thanksgiving event for Pactech to appreciate the partnership with our customers over the years, we are also very grateful that our core values have come to fruition through our corporate responsibility.

Missed the event? Watch the recap.