silence booth

Productivity and hearing protection is a sound investment.

It is no secret that data centers are noisy. With the combined sounds from HVAC (air conditioning) systems, multiple cooling fans, and other equipment, the sustained sounds can make it difficult to have conversations or even concentrate. Data center noise levels are typically about 70-80 dB, which despite being under the legal maximum acceptable 8 hour exposure level of 85 dB, are still severe enough to pose risks to hearing and distract from mentally demanding work.

Introducing the SoundBox Silence Booth.

As a company always on the lookout for innovative solutions, Pactech is proud to offer the SoundBox Silence Booth. The SoundBox Silence Booth is a portable, insulated space that can provide a quiet environment in the midst of noise and activity. With standard sizes to accommodate 1 to 6 people or custom sizes, these booths are perfect for phone calls, meetings, or whenever you need a private workspace to focus.

The SoundBox Silence Booth features:

– Specially optimized sound insulation
– State-of-the-art soundproofing and acoustic material
– Stylish designs to match your company aesthetic
– Quiet, spacious, and peaceful environment
– Perfect for various applications in the office or data center
– Cost and space-efficient
– Hearing protection from the loudest work environments
– Increased productivity and focus

If you are interested in exploring how the SoundBox Silence Booth can enhance productivity and add to the working environment of your office or data center, contact us today at,

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