Direct Attach Copper (DAC)

Direct Attach Copper (DAC) CablesDirect Attach Copper (DAC) twinax cables provide efficient in-rack connections between servers and top-of-rack switches and between adjacent racks in data center environments. They are low power, low cost, low latency, and low BER. As a result, they have become popular alternatives to more expensive optical fibers.

Besides our comprehensive portfolio, we at Pactech offer various custom options that are unique in the industry, such as custom lengths in feet and inches, custom labeling, and custom bundling.

For more detailed information of our DAC product line or to order any of these cables, please contact us today.

Direct Attach Copper (DAC) Cables

Part Number*DescriptionConnector AConnector BWire Gauge
PC-8888Mini-SAS (6G) Direct Attach Copper Cable, Passive, Length in MeterSFF-8088/External Mini-SASSFF-8088/External Mini-SAS28AWG
DAC-CX4-LLMQSFP+ (10G) Direct Attach Copper Infiniband Cable, Passive, Length in MeterSFF-8470/InfiniBand CX4SFF-8470/InfiniBand CX424-30AWG

* XX = Wire Gauge, LL = Length 

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