Qualite Fibers™ OM3 Duplex, OFNR Jacket, Multimode 50/125 3.0mm, UL with Corning Fiber, SC/UPC to ST/UPC

  • Insertion Loss <0.3 dB
  • Return Loss ≥20 dB
  • Telcordia Compliant
  • Test Report included
  • Customizable options available:
    • LSZH Jacket
    • Jacket Color
    • APC Polish Type
    • Custom Lengths

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Fiber Type: OM3 Multi Mode 50/125
Fiber Class: UL with Corning Fiber
Connector Type: SC/UPC to ST/UPC
Polishing: UPC (APC Polish type available upon request)
Fiber Color: Aqua
Fiber Count: Duplex (Simplex available upon request)
Jacket Material: PVC OFNR (OFNP and LSZH Jacket available upon request)
Jacket Diameter: 3.0mm
Insertion Loss:  <0.3 dB
Return Loss: ≥20 dB
Fiber Extension: -100nm<H+100nm
Ferrule End-Face Radius: 10<R<25mm
Apex Offset: ≤50um
Increase in insertion loss after 500 mating: 0.2 dB Max
Operation Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +80°C