PCIe Straight to Angled X16 Gen5 164P Riser Cable With SR (Discrete Style)

  • PCI-E Straight to Angled
  • Superb signal integrity performance
    • Impedance: 85+/-10% ohm
    • FEXT and NEXT power sum: 40dB up to 25GHz
    • PCIe to CEM compliant
  • Robust mechanical structure
    • Bending support with Strain Relief
    • Flexible version available
  • Processing features:
    • Automated soldering process
    • Discrete and flat cable options available for production
  • Cable length: 200mm and 400mm available
  • Custom lengths available (contact us for details)
  • Quantity discounts are available, please contact us for pricing
  • Please contact us for a quote


Gen5 Riser Cable Typical Performance

  • 32Gpbs PCIe Gen5 standard
  • Advanced crosstalk mitigation technology supporting power sum of x-talk less than 40dB up to 25GHz
  • Impedance control at 85ohm+/- 7ohm, reflection<-10dB up to 20GHz
  • Advanced Twinax cable & PCB design technology supporting IL at 4.5dB/m

16G/32G/64G PCI-E CEM-To-Any Interconnect Solutions