NEW SlimSAS SFF-8654 8i Straight 74Pos to 2x HD Mini-SAS SFF-8643 Adapter


  • RAID friendly for Broadcom MegaRAID 9560-8i and DELL PowerEdge RAID Controller H745
  • Provide eight channels signal transmission as per industry standard
  • Data speed: 12Gbps (SAS 3.0)
  • Meets SlimSAS SFF-8654 specifications.
  • Custom configuration available (contact us for details)
  • Quantity discounts available for orders of 50+
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This adapter is designed to provide 12Gbps connectivity for SlimSAS 8i convert to 2x HD Mini-SAS cable for servers, data storage, and workstation.

  • SlimSAS 8i Straight Plug to 2x HD Mini-SAS
  • Series: SlimSAS
  • Testing Condition: COND: MAX 3.0 ohm; IS: Min 10M ohm DC/300V/0.01S
  • All TX/RX Differential Pairs to be Impedance Controlled 100 ohm +/-10% Differential, Length Matched to 20MIL (INCH)
  • All Sidebands are to be Impedance Controlled 50 OHM, Single Ended.

Features and Benefits

  1. Data speed: 12Gbps (SAS 3.0)
  2. Meets SlimSAS SFF-8654 specifications.

Custom Options
We also offer custom configuration. Please contact us for details.
If your order quantity is more than QTY 50, please contact us for pricing.