External SFF-8644 Straight HD MiniSAS to SFF-8644 Straight HD MiniSAS Cable

  • External HD Mini-SAS to HD Mini-SAS (SFF-8644 to SFF-8644) Cables are thoroughly tested at 12.0 Gbps wire lane speeds
  • Ensuring 100% compatibility with SAS 2.1 and new SAS 3.0 specifications
  • Data rates up to 12.0 Gbps per lane, reduced signal loss, and improved cross-talk performance over competing wire technologies
  • 28 AWG and flexible wires providing convenient routing options and improved airflow
  • Custom lengths available (contact us for details)
  • Please contact us for a quote


  • External Mini-SAS HD Cable from High-Speed Interconnects
  • Guaranteed SAS-III drive performance at 6.0 Gbps & 12.0 Gbps data rates
  • SFF-8644 (HD Mini-SAS) to SFF-8644 (HD Mini-SAS) connectors
  • LEFT/Right Shell: Zinc Alloy Nickel Plated
  • Two-Wired Serial Memory: AT24C02B EEPROM (256 BYTES)
  • Meet SAS 3.0
  • Test Condition:
    • a) Open/Short 100% test
    • b) Conductive resistance: 1Ω/Max.
    • c) Insulation resistance: 20MΩ/Min.
    • d) HI-POT: DC300V/10MS