Breaking the Perception that Cables are Boring by Using Fashion Models at the Data Center Trade Show in LA

One of the challenges of being in the cable industry is the perception that cables are boring. Most people see cables as a commodity and they constantly price shop to find the best deal. Being in the cable industry for over 20 years, we know that not all cables are created equal. The quality and design of a cable can make a big difference in terms of performance, product life, and impact on the environment.

But how can we communicate this to the leaders in our industry?

This year Pactech participated in Data Center World in Los Angeles, where thousands of people from our industry gathered. We had a booth at this trade show and had an opportunity to change people’s perception on cables.

In a brainstorming session we came up with the idea of having models at our booth wearing dresses that featured some of our most innovative cables. We designed and handmade several “cable dresses” and found two beautiful models to wear these dresses.

The response was extremely positive and exactly what we hoped for. Brian Richardson, Senior Vice President of FCD said, “The fashion models got us into the Pactech booth, however it was the impressive line of products that kept us there.”

Our use of fashion models was more than a marketing gimmick. What separates our cables from everything out there is that they are better designed – slimmer, faster, and more flexible than anything that is out there. Our design makes them more environmentally friendly, easier to install, customizable, and more beautiful, giving our customers a competitive advantage that they did not have before.

But all this is takes time to explain, and at a trade show, we don’t have the luxury to time. You have a few seconds to get the attention of someone walking by, and if you miss that opportunity, it is gone forever. Our use of fashion models at our trade show was a quick and creative way to get people’s attention, and help them understand the uniqueness about our well designed cables and introduce them to Pactech, the one-stop shop for customized cables.