Say hello to the new G-Power™ Angled and Y Cables.

Graphics processing hardware packs large amounts of power and contains different components that work together harmoniously. These components include connectors and power cables, as well as display and cooling. Connecting to the power supply with standard PCIe connectors and cables tackles the issues of space constraints. The routing of the power cable, display cable, and fan cable imposes a significant impact on airflow.

Pactech’s new G-Power™ Angled and Y Cables offer features to address these technical issues and embodies “movement through slim space”.

  • The Angled cables are configured to enable a tight fit in confined spaces with exceptional strain relief, as it reduces or even eliminates bending the cable vigorously in such a tight space.
  • The assembly of Y Cables, with different types of sleeving, is further slimmed with the flexibility to occupy less space during routing and to reduce resistance to air flow.

Pactech also utilizes a proprietary design tool to configure our G-Power Angled and Y Cables with made-to-measure lengths, connectors with orientation options, as well as customized sleeving or dedicated wiring connections. You may also achieve a complete result by taking advantage of Pactech’s high-value and cost-competitive consulting services.  Feel free to make an appointment with our consultants to explore customization and configuration options that will lead to a more compact and denser system form factor.