Pactech’s Rapide DAC Cable Series offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-speed copper Ethernet interconnect solutions for switches, servers, and storage in data center deployments:

  • No crosstalk and source jitter, and extremely low insertion loss
  • Proprietary PCB termination technology for superior impedance and crosstalk control
  • Patented latching mechanism for easy engagement and disengagement
  • Small bend radius for higher density bundling
  • 360° shielding for superior EMI/EMC performance
  • Smallest die-cast back shell in the market for space-saving easier management
  • Robust pull tab and strain relief system against mechanical stress
  • High performance with a rich set of test data

Rapide ll™ DAC - Modular Automation: Industry-First 10G/25G/40G/100G/200G/400G Production Automation

Support elastic manufacturing & production
  • Industry-first 10G/25G/40G/100G/200G/400G full automated production enabling 200 Units/hour
    • Modular for internal/external high-speed cable
    • Compatible with multiple bulk cable technologies and break-out cable production
    • Forward compatible with 200G/400G
    • Supports up to 72pin simultaneous soldering
Elastic production capable with combination of semi-automation and automation

Customization / OEM capabilities

Modular Automation


Technology & Quality Innovation

Production Design
  • Design innovation
    • 10G+25G/40G+100G shared design
    • Multiple twin-ax structure shared design
  • Bulk cable technology innovation
    • 10G/40G processing for 25G/100G/200G/400G
  • Processing
    • Low-temperature soldering
  • Modular automation
    • Modulated automated 40G/100G/200G production system for 200 units/hour
  • Supply chain integration and risk management
    • Dual-sourcing for key components

Competitive Advantages in Cost & Technology
  • Streamlined and risk-managed supply chain
    • Reduction and consolidation in part number and SKU management
    • Minimized risks compared to vertically integrated solution suppliers
  • Cost-reduction by increasing the Throughput & Productivity in the industry
    • Cost-efficient by closing the cost gap of 25G/100G and 10G/40G

Lightest and Thinnest 10G/40G Passive DAC for 3.5m - 10m

LengthPactech (AWG)Market (AWG)Notes
0.25 – 3.5m30AWG30AWG
3.5m - 7.0m 30AWG26-24AWGLightest and thinnest for 3.5-7.0m
5.5m - 7.0m28AWG 24AWG Lightest and thinnest passive cable for 5-7m

The Benefits
  • 30-50% reduction in size and weight - cost saving in packaging & shipping
  • Raw material cost-saving up to 10%
  • Improved field installation efficiency for less weight and size
  • Improved field failure prevention for less weight and size (improved flexibility)

Industry Hi-Consistency / Highest FPY (First Pass Yield) for 25G/100G

Semi-auto Production Line
Efficiency / Shorter Lead time
(Compare to Market Semi-auto Production Line)
SFP28 / SFP56< 15 operating stations1.5x hourly throughput
QSFP28 / QSFP56 < 15 operating stations1.5x hourly throughput
Internal SAS/PCIe or Custom cable< 10 operating stations 1.5x hourly throughput
In-line SI testingX16 switch 2x in testing efficiency
In-line EEPROM programmingX8 programmer with self-check function 4x in programming efficiency

Design innovation: dual-drain + shared PCB for 10- 25-56G


  • Dual-drain guarantees balanced signal thru discontinuities
  • Foaming technology for reduced loss and Dk
  • 10G/40G processing for 25G/100G – proven maturity and consistency



  • Supports dual-drain/single-drain


SHARED PCB DESIGN FOR 10G-25G-56G & 40G-100G-200G

  • Shared 10G/40G & 25G/100G PCB & 56G/200G PAM4 (No exotic substrate)
  • Full compatibility with single-drain & dual-drain twinax cable
  • Enhanced grounding to minimize the EMI risks


Processing & manufacturing innovation

Processing: low-temperature soldering and termination

  • Minimize the insulation shrinking and damage risks
  • Unified processing for multiple product lines improves the FPY up to 20% comparing to industry technology leaders in 25G/100G





In-line testing and validation

  • X16 channel high-speed auto testers
    • 2x faster than competitors
  • X8 channel EEPROM/MCU programmer
    • 4x faster than market suppliers