Fiber Optic Cables

Pactech carries a wide range of fiber optic patch cords with these standard features:

  • OFNR UL-rated cables with Corning fiber
  • Zipcord styling for duplex cables
  • UPC ferrule
  • Dust covers for all connectors
  • Test certificate with each cable

Additionally we carry these special order products:

  • OS2 and OM4 cables
  • OFNP UL-rated cables
  • Round cable styling for duplex cables
  • APC ferrule
  • Less frequently used connectors (e.g. E2000, ESCON)
  • More

Our patch cord portfolio provides a wide variety of custom options to fit your specific deployment needs:

  • Custom cable colors
  • Custom colors for the connector, boot, heat shrink, and clip
  • Custom lengths in inch or cm increments
  • Mode conditioning
  • Labeling and bundling
  • More

We can ship the following standard patch cords same day if order is placed before 12 pm PST and if stock is available. We can also ship OEM orders with quantity less than 100 within 3-7 days if stock is available. For more information, please contact us today.

Fiber Optic Patch Cables - OS1 Single Mode 9/125

Part Number*DescriptionConnector TypesDirectionHow to Order
FC-SD-LCLC-XXMOS1 Single Mode LC/LC Duplex 9/125LC to LCDuplexeStore
FC-SD-LCSC-XXMOS1 Single Mode LC/SC Duplex 9/125LC to SCDuplexeStore
FC-SD-LCST-XXMOS1 Single Mode LC/ST Duplex 9/125LC to STDuplexeStore
FC-SD-SCSC-XXMOS1 Single Mode SC/SC Duplex 9/125SC to SCDuplexContact Us
FC-SD-SCST-XXMOS1 Single Mode SC/ST Duplex 9/125SC to STDuplexContact Us
FC-SD-STST-XXMOS1 Single Mode ST/ST Duplex 9/125ST to STDuplexContact Us
FC-SS-LCLC-XXMOS1 Single Mode LC/LC Simplex 9/125LC to LCSimplexContact Us
FC-SS-SCSC-XXMOS1 Single Mode SC/SC Simplex 9/125SC to SCSimplexContact Us

* XX = Length

Fiber Optic Patch Cables - OM1 62.5/125

Part Number*DescriptionConnector TypesDirectionHow to Order
FC-MD6-LCLC-XXMOM1 Multimode LC/LC Duplex 62.5/125LC to LCDuplexeStore
FC-MD6-LCSC-XXMOM1 Multimode LC/SC Duplex 62.5/125LC to SCDuplexeStore
FC-MD6-LCST-XXMOM1 Multimode LC/ST Duplex 62.5/125LC to STDuplexeStore
FC-MD6-SCSC-XXMOM1 Multimode SC/SC Duplex 62.5/125SC to SCDuplexeStore
FC-MD6-SCST-XXMOM1 Multimode SC/ST Duplex 62.5/125SC to STDuplexeStore
FC-MD6-STST-XXMOM1 Multimode ST/ST Duplex 62.5/125ST to STDuplexContact Us

* XX = Length

Fiber Optic Patch Cables - OM2 Multimode 50/125

Part Number*DescriptionConnector TypesDirectionHow to Order
FC-MD5-LCLC-XXMOM2 Multimode LC/LC Duplex 50/125LC to LCDuplexeStore
FC-MD5-LCSC-XXMOM2 Multimode LC/SC Duplex 50/125LC to SCDuplexeStore
FC-MD5-LCST-XXMOM2 Multimode LC/ST Duplex 50/125LC to STDuplexContact Us
FC-MD5-SCSC-XXMOM2 Multimode SC/SC Duplex 50/125SC to SCDuplexContact Us
FC-MD5-SCST-XXMOM2 Multimode SC/ST Duplex 50/125SC to STDuplexContact Us
FC-MD5-STST-XXMOM2 Multimode ST/ST Duplex 50/125ST to STDuplexContact Us
FC-MD5-LCLC-XXMOM2 Multimode LC/LC Simplex 50/125LC to LCSimplexContact Us
FC-MD5-SCSC-XXMOM2 Multimode SC/SC Simplex 50/125SC to SCSimplexContact Us
FC-MD5-STST-XXMOM2 Multimode ST/ST Simplex 50/125ST to STSimplexContact Us

* XX = Length

Fiber Optic Patch Cables - OM3 Multimode 50/125

Part Number*DescriptionConnector TypesDirectionHow to Order
FC-AD5-LCLC-XXMOM3 Multimode LC/LC Duplex AQUA 50/125LC to LCDuplexeStore
FC-AD5-LCSC-XXMOM3 Multimode LC/SC Duplex AQUA 50/125LC to SCDuplexeStore
FC-AD5-LCST-XXMOM3 Multimode LC/ST Duplex AQUA 50/125LC to STDuplexeStore
FC-AD5-SCSC-XXMOM3 Multimode SC/SC Duplex AQUA 50/125SC to SCDuplexContact Us
FC-AD5-STST-XXMOM3 Multimode ST/ST Duplex AQUA 50/125ST to STDuplexContact Us
FC-AS5-LCLC-XXMOM3 Multimode LC/LC Simplex AQUA 50/125LC to LCSimplexContact Us
FC-AS5-SCSC-XXMOM3 Multimode SC/SC Simplex AQUA 50/125SC to SCSimplexContact Us
FC-AS5-STST-XXMOM3 Multimode SC/SC Simplex AQUA 50/125ST to STSimplexContact Us

* XX = Length

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