Rapide II™ 800G OSFP LoopBack

  • Support aggregated 8x100G PAM4 ethernet
  • Compliance to IEEE 802.3ck D1.4
  • Extended operating temperature (-40C, +85C)
  • Durability: max mating cycle: 2000 cycles
  • ROHS 2.0 compliant
  • Proprietary CDR™ 100G multi-layer skewless low-loss twinax
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Pactech offers the industry’s most robust loopback testers, SmartLoop, emulating the copper cable and Optical module signal integrity performance for Ethernet switch/Network Interface Card/Ethernet port testing up to 2000+ mating cycles.

Our cost saving 0-dB power LC loopback testers help industry’s equipment and device makers to go-to-market by reducing the consumable testing cost 50%+.

Our loopback supports 10G-800G Ethernet testing with technical compliance to IEEE/OIF-CEI standards in the form factor of SFP/QSFP/SFPDD/DSFP/QSFPDD/OSFP.

Product features for OSFP 800G Loopback

• 2000+ mating cycles

• Software-controlled power consumption to emulate the optical modules

• Programmable module to emulate both cable and optical modules

• -40-100c operating temperature support

• Signal integrity performance compliant to IEEE/OIF

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