DAC Cable – Rapide II™ 200G/400G QSFP DD Passive Twinax Cable

  • Applications – 200G NRZ/400G PAM4 Ethernet
  • Standard Compliance – IEEE 802.3cd, QSFP-DD MSA
  • Length – 0.5m/1.0m/1.5m/2.0m/2.5m/3.0m
  • The cable is using 2x parallel cable structure
  • Based on Pactech low temp soldering and unified design
  • Custom lengths in 0.25m increments & quantity discounts available
  • Corporate colors and Custom lengths with lead time as short as 3+ weeks
  • Please contact us for a quote
  • Please see drawing for Part Numbers
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Pactech proudly offers our NEW 200G/400G QSFP Double Density Rapide II™ cables  with processing and manufacturing innovation:

  • QSFP-DD is compliant with QSFP-DD Rev 2.2 specification, the cable length from 0.5 meter up to 3 meter
  • Twinax cable jacket OD size range from 14mm to 15.6mm of two cables sits shoulder by shoulder, conductor ranging from 26AWG to 30AWG.
  • Processing: low-temperature soldering and termination
    • Minimize the insulation shrinking & damage risks
    • Unified processing for multiple product lines
ItemPactech Part No.Length (mm)AWGCarton QTYSignal
1R2-QDD2N-050500±203010200G NRZ
2R2-QDD2N-1001000±303010200G NRZ
3R2-QDD2N-1501500±35308200G NRZ
4R2-QDD2N-2002000±28287200G NRZ
5R2-QDD2N-2502500±45286200G NRZ
6R2-QDD2N-3003000±50265200G NRZ
7R2-QDD4P-050500±203010400G PAM
8R2-QDD4P-1001000±303010400G PAM
9R2-QDD4P-1501500±35308400G PAM
10R2-QDD4P-2002000±28287400G PAM
11R2-QDD4P-2502500±45286400G PAM
12R2-QDD4P-3003000±50265400G PAM
We offer custom lengths and custom colors with short leadtime at 3+ weeks to help customers in fast turn around solution.

All of our DAC cables are individually tested, and meet or exceed industry standards to ensure high performance, cost-effectiveness, consistency, and quality assemblies for today’s direct attach equipment connections.

Please contact us for a quote.