0AWG~12AWG Red/Black Bonded Soft Zip Cord UL1015 – 100FT/Roll

  • Made of PVC 80 Softness enables easy to turn and flexible routing
  • Zip cord/bonded black & red wires can be pulled apart for quick separation
  • Easy to identify polarity for DC applications
  • Rated temperature 105°C, Voltage 600V, UL & CSA
  • All parts and materials conform to RoHS.
  • Length: 100ft
  • Multiple Gauges Available: 0AWG, 4AWG, 6AWG, 8AWG, 10AWG, 12AWG, 16 AWG
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  • Red / Black zip cord with PVC 80 Softness enables easy-to-turn and flexible routing on all applications and work environments like data centers, labs, automobile wire harnesses, AI automation, robots, motion devices, hospitals, and IT/server rooms with tight space concerns.
  • These soft zip cords are widely used for many power / electrical applications, replacing the traditional rigid wires, and work well with Anderson power connectors to make custom soft flex DC Zip wire assemblies
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