Innovative Solutions for PCIe Cables

When it comes to connecting high-speed components inside your PC, peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) connections are essential. For the growing number of people who desire high resolution and powerful graphics processing units (GPU) or graphics cards, which are key to smooth gaming experiences, as well as video streaming, internet browsing, Photoshop or image processing, or video editing, PCIe connectors are necessary to connect the GPUs to enhance power supply units (PSU).

The main issue with PCIe connectors is space constraints. Standard PCIe connectors use stiff wiring which allow for higher power ratings but pose routing, airflow, and installation challenges. There are some 90 degree proprietary adapters on the market to address routing and installation problems, but they are costly and can sometimes be worse for airflow.

At Pactech, we have developed innovative solutions to these problems. Our 5.0mm PCIe power cable eliminates the need for proprietary connectors while being easy to install, saving you money and time. Our low-profile angled PCIe adapter essentially combines the standard PCIe connector with an angled adapter, resulting in a compact size and ultra-slim profile. By using butterfly style wiring, our PCIe connector dramatically improves space-efficiency and cable management, simplifying routing challenges.

Because quality remains a top priority at Pactech, our PCIe cables use 300V 18AWG UL wires for high temperature resistance and excellent flexibility, ensuring secure connections. To tie it all together, we organize the wires with a mesh braided sleeving, resulting in better thermal management while maintaining 100% safety in pull testing.

If you’re looking for high-performing, efficient, and cost-effective GPU PCIe cables, book a consultation with us. We are happy to help you find your perfect custom cable solution!