Innovations Big and Small


Recently we met with a robotics company that is developing service robots for the hotel industry. When customers staying in the hotel make requests for more shampoo or towels, these service robots would make the delivery right to the customer’s hotel room. These service robots would allow for quicker service for the customers and decreased costs to the hotels. It’s exciting to see innovative ideas being developed. Here’s a few more innovative ideas:

More and more data centres are being built every year, and regulating the temperatures within those centres is a big problem. Dutch startup Nerdalize offers a solution by placing individual servers in people’s homes where the heat is useful, rather than a problem. Homeowners can lease the heater/server to warm their homes, and Nerdalize comes all the electricity costs.

Lucid Energy
In Portland, Oregon, Lucid Energy developed the LucidPipe that can harvest low-cost renewable energy from the water flowing through the city’s pipes. Each piece of LucidPiping contains turbines that spin in the flowing water and produces hydroelectric power – without interrupting the flow of the water.

Fever Scout
Being a father of two young children, this idea excites me. Fever Scout is a flexible soft patch made to monitor the temperature of young children. When placed on the child, the patch barely noticeable and sends continuous data directly to the parent’s smartphone app, including alerts for changes in temperature. I can see this being very useful for young parents like me.

Innovations Big and Small
Innovation comes in all sizes. There are the big, industry-changing innovative ideas and then there are the small innovations that work behind the scenes.

At Pactech we’re excited about the small innovations in cables. Many people think of cables as a commodity item where every cable is the same. But the fact is that there have been many innovations in cables to make them better, faster, and more cost efficient.

Improve Your Data Centers with Custom Cables
What are the benefits of custom designed data center cables?

  • Save Time and Money – Using customized cables will speed up the data center rack installation, prolong the life of your equipment, and decrease maintenance costs.
  • Improve Performance – Custom cables allow for better signal strengths and reduces energy consumption.
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage – Use our innovation garnered from 20+ years of customizing cables with cutting edge companies to your advantage.

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