G-Power™ is Keeping a Low Profile.

Pactech’s advanced Low-Profile GPU Cables embodies “movement through slim space” by excelling in confined spaces with lower installation costs, secure connections, and better airflow.

  • The micro low-profile PCI-E connectors feature a vertical height of 5mm – 8mm, resulting in a compact size and ultra-slim profile, specifically made for a tight environment.
  • Through butterfly style wiring, our PCIe connectors dramatically improve space efficiency and cable management, solving most routing challenges.
  • Different types of sleeving options decrease the overall physical size so that it occupies less space during routing and reduces obstruction to optimize airflow.

Explore customization options that will lead to you achieve a more compact and dense system form factor. Make an appointment with our consultants and take advantage of Pactech’s high-value and cost-competitive services today.