G-Power™ Fan Wire is the name. Full customization is the game.

Today’s cooling fans come in many different shapes and sizes, so the impact of a fan power adapter cable’s design is more important than ever.

Pactech’s extensive G-Power™ Fan Power Adapter Cables embody “movement through slim space”, offering a family of fan wires with various combinations of connector types, connector quantities, and wire lengths.

  • G-Power™ Adapter Cables have the flexibility to adopt a better design that will enhance the performance and cooling of your entire system at a reasonable cost. 
  • Pactech recognizes and customizes fan wires to address your needs in tight spaces and improved cable management.

Explore customization options that will lead to you achieving an overall cooler system. Make an appointment with our consultants and take advantage of Pactech’s high-value and cost-competitive services today.