G-Power™ Cable Series

Movement Through Slim Space.

Streamline power into your graphics processing unit.

Pactech is proud to present their innovative line of power cables specifically designed for GPUs. The G-Power™ Cable Series uses our proprietary design for angled and low-profile PCI-e connectors to provide GPUs with the external power they need, all while keeping your server chassis tidy and allowing for reduced routing space as well as optimal airflow and dust management.

Pactech also has the engineering expertise and manufacturing capability to design and build made-to-measure GPU Power Cables with proper customized length and cable management to suit your needs. Our cables are composed of wires and jackets that are not only ultra-flexible but also Hi-power rating compliant.

G-Power™ Cable Series Features

Pactech is proud to offer the following features in our G-Power™ Cable Series power cords:

  • Angled or low-profile PCI-e connector designs
  • Connector or cable orientation
  • Round/flat/loose/open cable for tight and confined spaces
  • Made-to-measure length for optimal fit
  • Reduces or eliminates vigorous cable bending
  • Ultra-flexible wire
  • Hi-power rating compliant
  • Exceptional strain relief
  • Promotes better airflow
  • Cable sleeving, cable tie, acetate cloth tape or loose style for cable management

Angled Connectors

8P PCIE Left Angled Connector

EPS 8P Left-Angled

8P EPS Left Angled Connector

PCIe 8p Left-Angled

8P PCIE Right Angled Connector

PCIe 6p Left-Angled

6P PCIE Left Angled Connector

PCIe 8p Right-Angled

6P PCIE Left Angled Connector

PCIe 6p Right-Angled

Modified Low Profile Connectors

GPU Low Profile Power Cables PCI-E Male ATX Female to PCI-E Female (Left Angle Right Angle Straight)

5mm-8mm Exposed Height






Butterfly Wiring

G-Power™ Cable for Apple Mac Pro.

Pactech is excited to offer the new product series, G-Power™ GPU Cables, built for the Apple Mac Pro.

  • 3.0 Pitch Power Connectors (6 pin or 8 pin) match the new Mac Pro motherboard power source
  • Innovative and contemporary GPU power cables for tightly-spaced environments with the following options:
    • Angled PCIe Connectors (6 pin or 8 pin)
    • Modified Low Profile Connectors
    • Standard Straight Connectors (6 pin, 8 pin, or 6+2 pin)
    • Y-Cable
    • Made-to-measure lengths
  • Angled cables reduce the stress on your GPU ports
  • Flexible small bend radius wires make routing easier

Meet With Our Consultants to Customize Your GPU Cables.

Pactech offers top-of-the-line design and consultancy services to help you tailor your G-Power™ cables
exactly to your needs.

  • Leverage the innovative design of Pactech's G-Power™ Series, which will minimize constraints and significantly upgrade your system to a whole new level of performance.
  • Take full advantage of Pactech's high-value and cost-competitive consulting service.
  • Our technical consultants, equipped with strong engineering expertise and experience, utilize smart tools to bring Pactech's innovative G-Power™ Series features to the design and development of high-power and high-performance systems. 
  • Contact us to set up an appointment and meet with our consultants to explore fully customizable and configurable options that will lead to you achieving a more compact and dense system form factor.
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G-Power™ Cable Series


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