100% Reliability is a Non-Negotiable.

FlexPremium Series with Sentinel® RJ45 plugs & boots = 100% Performance for Mission-Critical Projects.

We recently launched a new product we’re very proud of, which combines the quality of Sentinel® RJ45 plugs & boots with our FlexLite 28AWG Thin cables. We call it FlexPremium.

Why FlexPremium Cables were Developed.

Made in the USA, we developed this product for extremely high-performance applications needing 100% reliability. Projects require that each and every cable has to guarantee to perform up to the Patch Cord Test standard, which includes the following parameters:

  • Near End Cross Talk (NEXT)
  • Return Loss
  • Propagation Delay
  • Delay Skew
  • Pair DC Resistance
  • Professional certification reports stored on LinkWare Live, available upon the request

Our R&D team developed FlexPremium cables to meet and exceed these requirements. Since we’ve launched this new premium cable, we’ve discovered that many of our customers in the medical and military fields have greatly benefited from it. Their mission-critical projects cannot afford any failures or disruptions in their operations or systems.

100% Performance Guaranteed.

When we manufacture FlexPremium cables, each cable is tested and certified, allowing us to guarantee that 100% of the cables we make meet the high standards and performance we promise. We have developed a technique in building the cable using Sentinel® components so that the cables pass signal integrity and continuity performance tests, certified by Fluke Networks’ Analyzer.

Each and every cable is manually tested one at a time using the Fluke Tester. Upon passing the tests, we label the cable with a unique serial number and keep the test report associated with that cable’s serial number in our database. These tests are available to our customers upon request.

4 FlexPremium Cables Available.

We currently have four FlexPremium cables available for you to sample and order.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more, order a sample, or to have our FlexPremium cables manufactured for your next project.