FlexLite™ Cables: 56% Smaller in Cable Outer Diameter (3.8 mm vs. 6.2 mm for regular CAT6)

FlexLite CAT6 Cable comparison

We have received multiple customer enquiries about this product after our product announcement. Here is the recap of the cable’s features and benefits:

The compact 28 AWG cable drastically reduces the bend radius to 15mm (vs. 40mm for regular CAT6). It makes cable routing much easier in tight space and improves for airlfow in the data center rack. When bundling tens of these cables, the bundle size is substantially smaller than the one with regular CAT6 cables.

FlexLite CAT6 Cable Comparison

Left: Regular CAT6 Cable | Right: FlexLite Cable

FlexLite CAT6 Cable Comparison

Top: FlexLite Cables | Bottom: Regular CAT6 Cables

FlexLite CAT6 Cable Comparison

Left: FlexLite Cables | Right: Regular CAT6 Cables

60% Lighter than Regular CAT6

It saves time and labor to install these cables in bundles in data center racks.

In-House Designed Connector

It ensures that the thin cable is securely crimped down and fit snugly through the boot.

FlexLite CAT6 Cable

Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) material

This is a mandatory requirement for European markets.

For more details for our FlexLite CAT6 cable, please visit our product page or contact us directly.