Back to the basics. A common question we see all the time is,"#PVC or #LSZH cable jacket? Which is best for me and my company?" Here's a short video covering the simple differences between the two so that you can make even smarter business decisions:

The Difference between F/UTP and U/FTP in CAT6A Cables

In recent years we’ve seen an increase in demand for 28AWG CAT6A cables. As one of the pioneers of developing this product, we wanted to take some time to explain some of the differences between the CAT6A cables on the market.

What’s the difference between F/UTP and U/FTP? The letters are so similar, so someone unfamiliar with these products may miss the difference.

F/UTP – Foiled, Unshielded Twisted Pair

F/UTP stands for foiled, unshielded twisted pair. Inside the CAT6A F/UTP cable, each pair of cables is twisted and separated by a cross divider. All 4 unshielded pairs are wrapped with a metal foil.

It’s like 4 couples vacationing together and having to share one large room, divided by partitions.

U/FTP – Unshielded Foiled Twisted Pair

U/FTP stands for unshielded foiled twisted pair. Inside the CAT6A UTP cable, each pair of cables is twisted and wrapped with metal foil.

It’s like 4 couples vacationing together and each couple has their own room. Much better.

Advantages of U/FTP over F/UTP

Why does this matter? What’s the advantage of having each pair of cables individually wrapped with foil instead of using a cross divider and foil around everything? Here’s a few advantages:

  • Better Performance – When installed correctly, the U/FTP cables provides superior crosstalk and EMI performance. Crosstalk is when the signal in one twisted pair interferes with the signal in another twisted pair.
  • Ease of Termination and Installation – With the looser twist rate and without the cross divider, termination of the cables is simpler making installation of the CAT6A U/FTP cables easier.
  • More Flexible and Easier to Route – Without the cross divider, the cable diameter can be much smaller in the CAT6A U/FTP cables. Thinner cables are more flexible and easier to route. Thinner cables also allow for better airflow which could help save energy. The cables are flexible and light, which is why our brand of cables is called “FlexLite“.

Other Features of Pactech’s FlexLite™ CAT6A U/FTP Cables

It’s not only the U/FTP part of the cable that makes our FlexLite™ CAT6A cables impressive. Here are a few other features which our customers appreciate about these cables:

  • High-speed applications up to 10 Gbps
  • 40% tighter in cable bend radius for flexible cabling routing in tight space for improving airflow
  • 65% smaller in bundle size for rack installation (OD 4.8mm)
  • Environmentally friendly with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket material, RoHs, UL, cUL
  • 9 Colors available
  • Standard or custom lengths available

Pactech’s Selection of FlexLite™ CAT6A U/FTP Cables

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