What do Chipotle, Blaze Pizza, Fusian Sushi, Subway, and Pactech have in Common?

Ever since Subway let customers build their own sandwiches, customization has become a major trend in the consumer experience. We see it in the food industry, with companies such as Chipotle offering a vast array of options for burrito toppings. We see it in the classic example of pizza parlors.

Yet, customization on its own is not enough. Consumers want what they want, along with speed and value. This has led to innovative practices such as fast-fire ovens that bake pizzas in 3 minutes (Blaze Pizza) and automated sushi makers that assemble and plate a sushi roll in about a minute (Fusian Sushi).

At Pactech, we take note of these trends and apply it to the world of cabling. With the variety of technological advancements and ever evolving stringent data center requirements, the need for customization, along with short lead times and greater cost savings is increasing. Automation allows our products to maintain consistently high product quality while providing the required customization, lead times, and cost savings.

The Pactech team at DesignCon 2019

A prime example of this is the DAC cable. Earlier in the year at DesignCon 2019, Pactech was proud to debut our Rapide II™ DAC Cable Series with automation and customization capabilities. The proprietary modular automation makes each module of the production process more manageable and more flexible, facilitating customization for options such as:

  • PCB Design
  • EEPROM Programming
  • Cable Length
  • Jacket Material
  • Jacket Color
  • Pull Tab Color
  • Back Shell
  • Cable Label
  • Connector Label

The results of this innovative approach to DAC cables are optimum customization, cost savings, short lead times (3+ weeks), and high-performance consistency.

For a limited time, we are delighted to offer a special sample ordering of our Rapide II™ DAC Cable Series (standard lengths) so that our customers can experience first-hand the benefits and features of this product. For more information or to arrange for your sample order, please contact us here