Operations Continue through COVID-19

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,
I would like to take this special opportunity to reach out to our customers, partners, employees, and our city concerning COVID-19. Effective Monday March 23, we have made operational decisions to minimize the risk to employees and help slow the spread of the virus. We have implemented the following procedures to this end: restricting business travels and customers’ visits to our manufacturing and office facilities, employees working from home where possible, and splitting up manufacturing sites to reduce interpersonal contact during the outbreak.

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Proficiency in Interconnectivity

Being in the interconnect business for 26 years, we have amassed years of knowledge and expertise in internal and external data cable assemblies; as a result, we are now one of the leading-edge technology companies in cloud and storage data cable solutions.

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silence booth

Productivity and hearing protection is a sound investment.

It is no secret that data centers are noisy. With the combined sounds from HVAC (air conditioning) systems, multiple cooling fans, and other equipment, the sustained sounds can make it difficult to have conversations or even concentrate. Data center noise levels are typically about 70-80 dB, which despite being under the legal maximum acceptable 8 hour exposure level of 85 dB, are still severe enough to pose risks to hearing and distract from mentally demanding work.

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Thanksgiving Over Happy Hour

On November 14th, we held our Fall 2019 Happy Hour event at Scott’s Seafood in downtown San Jose. In the past 25 years that Pactech has been in business, we have seen a shift in cabling connectivity from the era of PCs to Cloud Storage, Data Centers, and Mobile Applications, and have also ventured into the automotive, robotics, and AI industries. Beyond a successful one-stop shop over a supply chain with global logistic support, we have transformed into a solutions provider capable of customization, innovation, and automation.

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Say hello to the new G-Power™ Angled and Y Cables.

Graphics processing hardware packs large amounts of power and contains different components that work together harmoniously. These components include connectors and power cables, as well as display and cooling. Connecting to the power supply with standard PCIe connectors and cables tackles the issues of space constraints. The routing of the power cable, display cable, and fan cable imposes a significant impact on airflow.

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Connecting Over Happy Hour

On May 9th, Pactech hosted a Spring 2019 Happy Hour Gathering at Scott’s Seafood in downtown San Jose. It was a relaxing yet meaningful time of networking and learning about our guests’ interests, projects, and needs, all while discussing Pactech’s High-Speed Inter-connectivity Solutions for 10G/25G/40G/100G/200G/400G capabilities.

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