Case Study: Cellpoint Systems

What are your challenges?

At Cellpoint Systems, we need many custom cables due to the nature of our design and manufacturing business, and the type of customers we serve. Every product is a unique design, bringing together standard off-the-shelf electronics and computer components with custom electronics and custom enclosures. These requirements often demand custom cables to complete power and communication paths that are not standard. The world of connectors is huge and knowing all the various connector parts and how they relate to and mate with each other is mind-boggling. We have had many cases where we only know what connector or header we are needing connection to for each end of the cable. So we go to our cable expert – Pactech. We have been in partnership since 2011.

How does Pactech help?

  • When we can only identify the connector or header, Pactech has been able to find the mating parts; shell, housing, pins, and contacts
  • When we know the power or signals carried on the cables, Pactech has also provided inputs to the wire gauge and wire or cable type required
  • When signal quality has been deemed critical, or when voltage drop needs to be considered, Pactech has also provided the appropriate feedback about the wire and cable materials used

What are the benefits of Pactech’s Solutions?

We work closely with Pactech as a partner for every new design right from the beginning of the development process. With their involvement and expertise, we save time with sorting through component type and availability so the design, drawing, and prototype are correct the first time. There is no sense in completing designs and drawings from assumptions that may only cost us more time and money later.

Why do you recommend Pactech?

We gladly recommend Pactech as our trusted cable partner because they:

  • Make the correct custom cables the first time that saves our time in prototyping and production
  • Pays attention to details
  • Clarifies what we need by asking us good questions
  • Provides comprehensive, prompt answers
  • Documents everything they build
  • Provides excellent post-sales support for any issues that come up