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book a tour

Facility tours are an opportunity to observe the work that we do, from cable designs, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, all the way to storage and shipping. Our facility is located in San Jose, which is part of the people, systems, and structures we have built to deliver fast turnaround, high quality control, prompt delivery, and effective resource management for our customers in the Silicon Valley and across the United States.

Depending on your unique interests, your guided tour highlights could include:

– Tour of production
– Subject matter experts describing processes and metrics
– Method of Prototyping and Design
– System of Storage and Warehousing of Thousands of Cable Parts
– Supplier Quality Audit
– Exploration of Pactech’s 20+ year history
– Discussion of how Pactech can partner with your business

From customers seeking greater understanding of our manufacturing processes to schools and professional organizations interested in the business practices of an international custom cable business, our facilities are always tour-ready. Experiencing the innovative engineering, quality manufacturing and handling efficiency of custom cable creation first-hand is always eye opening to our guests.

Want to see more? Book a tour of our facilities today.



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