Beautiful Cable Management – Pactech’s Data Center Cables in Real Life (PHOTOS)


For the past few months, we always wanted to help customers “visualize” the benefits of our data center cables when they are applied in real life. Last week we assembled a rack together by populating top-of-rack (TOR) switches and servers (one of the two TOR switches and all the servers are just face plates made of sheet metal).

We installed three types of cables in the rack:
Rapide™ SFP+ DAC Cables
FlexLite™ 28AWG UTP CAT6 Cables
Color C14 to C13 SJT Power Cords

Take a look at the photos of our final work below and you would immediately notice a few differences:
– With the FlexLite™ CAT6 Cables, the entire rack looks much cleaner compared to a typical data center rack.
– The more compact FlexLite™ CAT6 bundles take 60% less space to run up and down on the side wall in the rack. It makes the installation much easier and quicker. It leaves ample space to allow us to put two FlexLite™ CAT6 bundles and one Rapide™ SFP+ DAC bundle.
– The lengths of all the FlexLite™ CAT6 Cables in the rack were measured and made individually for the best fit. Amazingly each CAT6 takes 6-8 inches less cable to be made compared to a regular 24AWG CAT6 cable.
– The label on each CAT6 cable remains very readable despite its slimmer profile.

By the way, we really like the color mix of the power cords. What can we say, beautiful cable management makes us happy 🙂




We are very proud of the final result and would love to hear what you think.