Connecting Over Happy Hour

On May 9th, Pactech hosted a Spring 2019 Happy Hour Gathering at Scott’s Seafood in downtown San Jose. It was a relaxing yet meaningful time of networking and learning about our guests’ interests, projects, and needs, all while discussing Pactech’s High-Speed Inter-connectivity Solutions for 10G/25G/40G/100G/200G/400G capabilities.

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Innovative Solutions for PCIe Cables

When it comes to connecting high-speed components inside your PC, peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) connections are essential. For the growing number of people who desire high resolution and powerful graphics processing units (GPU) or graphics cards, which are key to smooth gaming experiences, as well as video streaming, internet browsing, Photoshop or image processing, or video editing, PCIe connectors are necessary to connect the GPUs to enhance power supply units (PSU).

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What do Chipotle, Blaze Pizza, Fusian Sushi, Subway, and Pactech have in Common?

Ever since Subway let customers build their own sandwiches, customization has become a major trend in the consumer experience. We see it in the food industry, with companies such as Chipotle offering a vast array of options for burrito toppings. We see it in the classic example of pizza parlors.

Yet, customization on its own is not enough. Consumers want what they want, along with speed and value. This has led to innovative practices such as fast-fire ovens that bake pizzas in 3 minutes (Blaze Pizza) and automated sushi makers that assemble and plate a sushi roll in about a minute (Fusian Sushi).

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FlexLite™ Ribbon Cables: Lowering Design & Installation Costs Data Centers

Today’s data centers include a diverse number of devices like bladed servers, clustered storage systems, virtualization appliances, and backup devices. All these devices are interconnected by networking equipment and physical cables, which require a reliable, scalable, flexible, manageable, and high-performing cabling infrastructure.

Data Center and Rack designers will tell you that planning is the key to successfully cabling a data center. At Pactech, we’ve continued providing innovative cabling products to make things easier for our clients.

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